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Paris is a unique concentration of services, culinary offerings, and shows to  be seen and heard. It’s avant-gardism rooted in the most refined of traditions. Paris is an irreplaceable sense of hospitality and quality. It’s also, and above all, a sense of celebration and pleasure conveyed in conviviality and sharing. Paris is an experience like no other. But what if Paris were to export itself? 


In this internet age, with our everyday habits becoming globalized, taking off for a sunny destination has become as easy as going to a Parisian suburb. The Metro and the TGV or a plane: in a few hours, you’re there! In fact, it is now possible to find the Parisian art of living in the gentle surroundings of other countries, beside the most beautiful beaches of the world.


Seamlessly transpose the unique pleasure of a stay in one of the Capital’s lovely hotels and you’ll find yourself in Saint-Tropez or Marrakech to take advantage of the luxury, tranquillity and exquisiteness offered by the enchanting lights of the Mediterranean.


Les Hôtels de Paris offers a new experience that perpetuates the Parisian art of living. Fine dining, art and shows, unparalleled comfort, conviviality and shared pleasures await you under the palm trees, the Aleppo pines, the eucalyptus and mimosa trees, to enjoy the eternal Mediterranean spring.


Saint-Tropez is a unique mix of art, the cinema and history, set in an enchanting environment. It’s also a gentle pace of daily life that is able to transform itself into memorable festivities once evening comes. The citadel, the port, museums, diving, 12 kilometres of unspoiled beaches: Saint-Tropez strives to transport you to a horizon of pleasure, adding to the Parisian sense of celebration.



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If Saint-Tropez is the pearl of the Côte d’Azur, Marrakech is the pearl of the south. Imagine strolling down the exotic and friendly streets of the Medina, getting lost in Morocco’s culture, its markets, its celebrations, as well as its renowned art biennales or its comedy or film festivals. Immerse yourself in the spicy doors of the luxurious, authentic and refined evenings of Marrakech and you will adopt this city permanently.


Paris has exported itself to sunny climes. Enjoy the advantages of an art of living that is doubly good: Paris and the Mediterranean is not just a love story that has lasted over 2,000 years. You, too, could decide to take advantage of it.

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