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French gastronomy has become an intangible world heritage of humanity. The word intangible seems paradoxical in this context: Paris offers not only the best examples of the French culinary arts but also a gastronomic cosmopolitanism unequalled in the world! From the material to the spiritual, your stomach will encounter a full range of flavours.


Visitors unfamiliar with Paris will be struck by the plethora of restaurants at their disposal. Those returning to Paris for the hundredth time will want to try out all the places that they haven’t got to know yet. And long-time residents of Paris will adopt the hotels that suit their tastes so well that they will end up creating very strong attachments with their favourite restaurateurs.


In Paris, this convivial friendship opens its doors to you. Here, thousands of types of dining atmospheres are available, at all price ranges and for all tastes.


Simple, family-style dining at brasseries and local terraces; dining for those familiar with molecular or nouvelle cuisine; great classics, ultra-luxurious and unequalled; regional dishes created with just the right ingredients: Paris will offer you just what you are seeking in your pursuit of flavour. French gastronomy, in its details and in its entirety, is represented, transmitted and shared in these interlaced streets and boulevards.


If you have a thirst for the exotic, the five flavour continents welcome you, often according to themed neighbourhoods: Asian in the 13th arrondissement, Indian in the 10th, African near Sébastopol, Japanese in the 7th: it is relatively easy to find one’s bearings on this Parisian world map. 





Off the beaten track, you might find that gem of an Australian, Canadian or Mauritian restaurant that you’ve been looking for.


Paris will offer you a plethora of wine, beer or theme bars, suitably combining music and flavours.


If you’re looking to buy hard-to-get ingredients, you’ll find them easily: here, the whole world is on display for you and boutiques and markets compete for authenticity to serve you.

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