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Opéra - Grands Boulevards - Saint Lazare

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There are areas in Paris where shopping is king. Where the supply is so abundant that it borders on the mythical. This is the case of the Grands Boulevards, where, even outside of the Christmas shopping period or the big sales, it’s busy all the time...

Map Opéra - Grands Boulevards - Saint Lazare

The Parisian identity, intimately linked with the city’s boulevards, is emblematic here. In the 19th century, Haussmann created a sumptuous architecture, bestowing honour, shops and activity to the streets.
The boulevard bearing his name became the home of le Printemps and les Galeries Lafayette. It’s worth going out of one’s way to see the architecture of these buildings, but discovering the atmosphere inside is also a unique experience.
Several old or modern walkways spread their way through this district. The des Panoramas and du Havre passages, as well as the interior of the Gare Saint-Lazare, entice strollers to come buy the goods on display. Items of every description and price are offered for sale here. 

The Café Oz, the Truskel or the Hard Rock Café will provide a welcome break from shopping. As will the entertainment on Rue Montmartre (Chez Papa, le Players, Cedrus, etc.)

And then you’ll want to top off your great day by taking in a good show at the Théâtre des Nouveautés, des Variétés, Trévise or at the Palace, the Comédie des Boulevards, the Grand Rex or the Folies Bergère. Maybe you’ll succumb to the charms of Bruno Coquatrix’s Olympia hall, without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls, with over 16,000 shows to its credit since its creation!

After that, it would be impossible to miss a visit to the Garnier Opera. Despite appearances, the building, constructed with a metal framework, is architecturally astonishing. Above the Grand Staircase, the Library-Museum, the foyers and the concert hall, a 73-metre-high ceiling repainted by Chagall recounts an intense tale filled with world-renowned artists and ghosts.

The district, known as being the true 19th-century Paris, is still a very lively place today, and you will love the Le Verdeau and Choiseul passages. We recommend stopping at Ladurée, and if you’re a Japanophile, you’ll want to visit Chez Momonoki.

Must-see sites
  • Garnier Opera
  • Olympia
  • Shops on the Grands Boulevards
  • Musée Grévin
  • Ladurée
  • Grand Rex
  • Shops in the Gare Saint-Lazare
  • Rue Montmartre
  • Marché Montorgueil