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Pigalle - Montmartre - Gare du Nord

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It’s clear that there would be no Paris without the Pigalle and Montmartre districts. Without a doubt, these emblematic districts near the Gare du Nord are the capital city’s most famous. And yet, they contain many a secret!

Map Pigalle - Montmartre - Gare du Nord

The colourful, cosmopolitan and bustling atmosphere of the Barbès, Pigalle and Montmartre districts is legendary. Working-class Paris, immortalized in Hôtel du Nord, really exists. But below the elevated sections of the metro, another world is revealed, a world unto itself offering its boutiques selling everything and nothing, its exotic grocery shops and its incredible bazaars.

Towards the Pigalle district, other than the traditional naughty storefronts whose wicked lights hide their innards, you can find the best musical instruments on the planet at great prices. Of course, not far away, the cabarets will entice you to partake of a certain Parisian-style art of partying. Moulin rouge, Cabaret Pigalle, Boule noire, Trois Baudets, Élysée-Montmartre: all these are reminiscent of the somewhat dated charms of the beautiful French cancan dancers. 

Neither Boris Vian, nor Jacques Prévert, residents of the adjacent Cité Véron, would disagree.
After passing the Museum of Eroticism, it’s time to catch your breath so you can climb the long flights of stairs of the Passage Cottin or the Rue du Chevalier de la Barre. But if this tires you out, the cable car will help you get to the top of the most famous hill in Paris.
From the summit, the panorama will take your breath away. You can also visit Sacré Coeur. This district is also home to other lively, though less well-known, places. The Théâtre des Abbesses, the Chat Noir or the Lapin Agile will have you reliving Paris of the turn of the 20th century, as will the Cabaret de Patachou where Brassens and Piaf sang, or the Moulin de la Galette.
If you like paintings, you’ll want to visit the Place du Tertre and Place Émile-Goudeau, famous for its Bateau-Lavoir!
When passing through, you’ll want to try one of the wines of Montmartre that come from local vineyards, such as the one on the Rue Saint-Vincent. And you’ll visit the Montmartre Museum to get up close to the paintings of the greatest masters of the area, including Renoir.

Must-see sites
  • Espace Dali
  • Erik Satie’s house
  • Boris Vian’s house
  • Cabarets, including the Moulin Rouge
  • The La Cigale concert hall
  • Théâtre des Abbesses
  • Place du Tertre
  • Rue Lepic, emblematic of the district
  • The Montmartre Museum
  • Marché Saint-Pierre (Textiles)